Three-to-watch tiling trends for 2022

12 April 2022


Optimistic shades, emotionally replenishing motifs, and the need to draw inspiration from nature's organic beauty, all aimed at feelgood fun, are set to underpin Australian renovations in 2022.

That’s the outlook from Beaumont Tiles, as part of the brand's ongoing commitment to ensuring Australians have easy access to resources that simplify the renovation process, no matter where they are in the journey. 

Beaumont Tiles design specialist Rachel Gilding says that based on global trends, Australian interior design will look to the future and reflect a growing feeling of freedom and the strong need for joy and comfort in and out of the home. 

“Interior design is often a statement of a broader social consciousness, and this year is all about celebrating the ‘new normal’ and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after what has been a long and challenging few years,” Rachel says. 

While last year saw the introduction of experimentation with biophilic design and green hues, as well as organic calming spaces, over the next 12 months Australian design is set to take a giant leap forward and embrace not only this but all elements of design that improve our mood and state of mind. 

“Colour will look to a dopamine design approach and will translate into warm earth-based neutrals teamed with clays, rich greens and blues; through to bold desert reds and roses are teamed with warm neutrals and pops of gold,” Rachel says. 

Smart stone tiles are one to keep an eye on in 2022. A new category of stone emulation tiles boasts a new manufacturing technology that is activated when wet and provides safe grip traction underfoot.

“Microtec is the technology that makes smart stone ranges a reality; it’s exclusively available at Beaumont’s and allows for a smoother tile face than what is usually possible for tiles intended for indoor and outdoor use or wet areas,” Rachel adds. 

Ms Gilding says there are three to-watch trends in 2022:

Timber look tiles that are timeless

Timber look tiles are experiencing a surge in popularity across new build and renovation projects nationwide. They embody the biophilic design movement as they provide an opportunity to build organic-look, yet family-proof, elements into the home’s overall design. 

“Timber look tiles look and feel like natural wood without the hassles of termites, warpage, and care, thanks to advancements in manufacturing technology. Also, unlike vinyl these ranges are high-heel compatible, VOC-free, colourfast, and long-lasting.” 

New timber look tile technologies allow for tile-to-tile variation – meaning that no two looks the same. Incredibly, this unique tile range has both the same visual appeal and texture as the organic original.

“Plank, herringbone and parquetry variants are the go-to styles that will dominate in 2022, with Artwood Blue-Black my go-to for the perfect blend of biophilic meets dopamine design, thanks to its steel-blue patinas and smoky chocolate undertones.”

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Colours with optimism

“As we progress further into 2022, colour continues to evolve from the green hues and organic origins of 2021 and brings a sense of warmth, intimacy, comfort and optimism to the home space,” Rachel says.

Colour brings light and joy to any space, and projects will fully celebrate this feel-good fun yet relaxed colour story. Think warm neutrals, rich blues, and pops of gold shades for a modern traditional look, or earth-based neutrals, clays and desert reds with pops of green for a more Wanderlust design.

“Previous years were dominated by herringbone, yet 2022 is confidently the year of the lineal lines, and curved walls and surfaces. The vertically laid finger mosaic is perfect for this application in natural shades like cream white to show restraint while styling with dopamine colourways,” Rachel adds.

“Terrazzo featuring cheerful aggregate in small, medium, or large chips feature heavily in wet area design this year. It’s beautiful and exciting, as the focus placed on spaces that spark joy opens the conversation for bolder and brighter design applications.”

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Intelligent tiles dominate

“Australians have had a long-held love of the outdoors, and as we’ve spent increased time at home, have really honed in on what this translates to in terms of design and functional need,” Rachel says, adding that the beauty of stone is more than skin deep as we love the feel and experience of it, as well as the little imperfections unique to each stone.  

Yet the functional realities and upkeep across all main floor zones, including wet areas, can pose challenges.

“The answer to this is stone emulation tiles and slabs, as they establish a cohesive surface that can run from outdoors to in and cultivate joy through drawing on the key elements to design this year- the evolution of biophilic design.

“Smart stone-look ranges with Microtec, including Terrazzo inspired, are highly sort after and will continue to feature heavily in main floors projects like our Attica range. Whereas for a raw aesthetic travertine, slate, pulpis or limestone looks like our Riverstone range is the perfect go-to for 2022 style notes,” Rachel adds.

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