Three ways to renovate a bathroom on a budget

24 November 2021

Giving your bathroom a new lease on life doesn't have to break the bank! As many DIY experts will tell you, even the smallest changes can instantly refresh a space!

With over 40 years’ experience in bathroom renovations, Jacques Courtin, Megasealed Founder and Managing Director, shares his top tips for renovating a bathroom without blowing the budget.

Tiling Over Existing Tiles

This method is as simple as it sounds! It can give your bathroom the makeover it deserves at a fraction of the cost.

As Jacques explains, “Many believe the complete demo of existing tiles is the only way to refresh a bathroom. When in fact, tiling over existing tiles is often a much easier and cost-effective solution”.

Megasealed’s tile over tile service provides a dramatic, brand-new look for your bathroom. As experts in the field, Megasealed have the knowledge and expertise to ensure this process is done smoothly and to the highest standard.


Worn and discoloured grout can be a tell-tale sign that a bathroom is in desperate need of some TLC. Additionally, damaged grout that is not swiftly addressed can lead to leak issues in the future and result in costly repairs.

“This is a fast and effective way to dramatically improve the look of your bathroom. Not only does regrouting enhance the visual appearance of your bathroom but it can ensure you are protected from potential leaks into the future” said Jacques.

Megasealed offer customised bathroom rejuvenation services to fix leaking bathrooms, bundled into easy and affordable packages.

Most bathroom waterproofing and rejuvenation packages can be completed in as little as one day!

Cosmetic DIY Changes

Compliment a tile over tile or regrout service by making some easy cosmetic changes to your bathroom.

DIY updates as simple as changing hardware or updating cabinetry can give your space a dramatic facelift!

“In all my years in the industry and the pioneering solutions l have developed to breathe new life into wet areas, some simple changes are sometimes all that is needed to refresh a space!”

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