Tilt and turn windows




Tilt and turn windows 

Tilt and turn windows can open in two different ways.

What are tilt and turn windows?

Tilt and turn windows open in multiple directions through the use of a single operating handle. The sash can be opened at the top for ventilation, inwards for cleaning and ventilation, or locked in the closed position. Tilt and turn windows combine good security and climate control. The locking mechanism presses the sash against the frame creating an airtight seal improving security, insulation and acoustics.


Window operation

Tilt-turn windows are three windows in one. Depending on the handle position, they can be operated as a fixed window (handle in 6 o'clock position), inward casement window (handle in 9 o'clock position) or hopper window (handle in 12 o'clock position).


Window ventilation

Tilt and turn windows provide excellent ventilation control. The tilt position opens the sash inwards at the top to provide indirect ventilation while maintaining security and safety. This angle allows air to come through the sides while hotter air can escape through the top. The restricted opening size limits the possibility of unwanted human entry or exit. In the inward casement position, tilt and turn windows allow the sash to open fully for maximum ventilation and provides a means of escape in case of emergency.


Are tilt and turn windows energy efficient?

The rubber seal and multi-point locking mechanism creates an airtight seal which improves thermal insulation and minimises noise impact.




Good weather proofing can be achieved if fitted with a continuous seal around the internal side of the sash or frame. Wind pressure helps to seal the sash against the frame and prevent water penetration.


Maintenance tips

Tilt and turn windows have a number of moving parts to aid operation. It’s important to keep locks and catches clean to reduce wear, corrosion and to maintain optimum performance. Regular maintenance should also involve cleaning and lubricating locking mechanisms and keepers to ensure easy operation.


Security screens

As the sash does not jut out externally, security screens can be easily fitted to the window opening though may detract from the appearance.


Common problems

The inward opening function of tilt and turn windows will limit available space. Furniture placement does need to be considered to open the window in the inward casement position; however they are mostly used in the tilt position.


  • Secure ventilation
  • Good weather-sealing properties
  • Easy to install security or insect screens
  • Easy to clean both sides
  • Protrude inside
  • Window furnishings can block operation
  • Costly to replace hardware
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