Timber fitout and cabinetry


[caption caption="Flat-pack and prefabricated kitchen cabinets are very common these days. Kick boards are installed separately." align="right"]Cabinetry    


Your interior and exterior walls are up and your house is really starting to take shape – but there’s still the matter of putting in kitchen cabinets, skirting boards, architraves, cornices, ceiling roses, dado rails and so forth.


How long does timber fitout and kitchen cabinetry take?

Once again, the answer to this question depends on a few different things. If you don’t have a lot of unusual angles in your house and you’re not after anything too elaborate, skirting boards and cornices might be done in a couple of days.



It will really depend on:

  • how big your house is
  • how elaborate your mouldings are, and
  • how many people are working on it.

Kitchen cabinetry’s equally as variable. If it’s a flat-pack style kitchen or if the cabinetry’s been pre-cut offsite (as is often the case these days) then it’s possible to have everything installed in as little as a day or two with enough hands available. If your cabinets are being built onsite, this can take quite a bit longer, of course.

Who fits timber mouldings and kitchen cabinets?

  • Carpenters
  • Cabinetmakers
  • Builders