Timber windows

Timber windows 
Timber window frames transfer far less heat than metallic frames.
Image courtesy of Trend Windows and Doors P/L.

What are timber windows?

Timber windows are favoured in many homes because of their aesthetic appeal and traditional look. They perform well thermally by keeping out the winter cold, and are more resistant to condensation. Timber window frames also have excellent structural strength, and the nature of timber allows it to easily be made into custom shapes and sizes.


Aesthetics, treatments and options

Unlike aluminium frames, timber window frames can be repainted to lengthen their lifespan or change their colour. Using a preservative treatment provides protection against rot and attacks from insects, rodents or birds. Timber is susceptible to changes in weather though and may shrink or swell.


High quality hardwood frames will provide better durability than softer alternatives, although they will come at a cost.


Efficiency and draughts

In terms of ventilation and efficiency, timber frames may require larger tolerances in openings, which can result in gaps that allow draughts. The use of good draught seals (weatherstripping) will help to improve thermal performance and reduce the amount of air infiltration.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Good thermal performance
  • Can be repainted
  • Not as durable as other framing materials
  • High maintenance