Toilet maintenance

Cleaning a toilet is the least fun but most necessary part of cleaning a bathroom. Apart from being able to bring down the appeal of your bathroom if dirty, it can be a breeding ground for germs of all kinds which can make for a very unhygienic environment. Cleaning a toilet properly is not hard to do and should be done properly every time to prevent the risk of infection and to add more sparkle to your bathroom. When clogs occur, they can be disastrous, but you can deal with these without calling a professional in most cases.

Toilet cleaning equipment

How to clean a toilet

For obvious hygiene reasons, cleaning your toilets is the most important part of maintaining a clean bathroom.

How to replace a toilet seat

How to replace a toilet seat

In most cases, replacing your toilet seat is an easy and relatively inexpensive task.

How to unblock a toilet

A blocked toilet can be an awful thing, and knowing the right way to unblock one can prevent a bad situation from becoming much, much worse...