Toilet types

Picking the right bowl and cistern setup for your toilet is not as difficult as it might first appear - although if you do pick an incompatible bowl and cistern, you may well end up with a blocked toilet. Once you have a grasp on the need to know information, the choice will become largely one of aesthetics and budget.

Though not common in Australia you may even be looking at having a bidet installed, so knowing in advance what’s out there can save you plenty of time and money. And of course, you will need to match your roll holder with the rest of the bathroom while making sure it’s conveniently to hand when needed most.

Cistern (xray view)


The cistern is the top part of the toilet. They come in a range of capacities, and dictate how much water is flushed.

Toilet bowls

Despite the fact that 95% of toilets seem to look the same, there are a surprising number of different bowl and seat options.

A bidet


They're not common in Australia, but bidets are very popular in some parts of the world. Find out how a bidet works, what it's used for and how to have one installed in your home.

Toilet roll holders

The shape, function and location of your toilet roll holder will all play a part in how well it works.

Toilet seat

Toilet seats

Toilet seats come in all kinds of colours and finishes, and are a simple and very effective way to add a little style to a toilet.

Concealed cisterns

Concealed cisterns serve the same purpose as regular cisterns, but are embedded inside walls, ceilings ducts or cabinetry to maximise space or create a 'minimalist' look.