The top 3 pool colour trends of 2018

22 January 2018

glass pool fencing

Even in the midst of the swimming season, one can make out that pool colour trends are lively and are here to stay for good. If you own a pool, you certainly owe it to yourself to be updated about all the latest pool trends and which of them in particular suit your purpose.

When talking about pool trends, one must be aware of all the different pool colour trends as well since both the aspects are directly linked to one another. Hence, without further ado, let’s take a good look at some of the latest pool colour trends of the previous year:-

Green pools: Although this may sound a bit strange to some people out there, green can make your pool look really spectacular especially if your pool happens to be surrounded by plants or even light sandstone coping, for that matter. Bear in mind that there are different shades of green, so make your choice wisely.

Glass pool fencing: Pool fencing, on the whole, has been quite trendy in the past couple of years and glass fencing in particular. This is primarily because glass pool fencing blends in well with the landscape without creating a barrier between your house and the rest of the landscape.

Dark reflection pools: Not only does this trend give a sense of elegance, but there is also the fact that it perfectly reflects the surroundings of your pool, giving this trend a mirror-like aura which is unique. It is worthwhile noting that this trend is perfect if your pool is located in a dimly lit area.

Finally, you need to understand that not all of the trends listed above will be ideal for your pool in particular. Whether they work or not is for you to decide, but there is also the fact that you need to do your homework and figure out which specific trends suit your pool and then take it from there.

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