Top 6 Household Emergencies and How to Deal with Them

01 February 2019


Every homeowner needs to develop a way to deal with various household emergencies. Why? Because they put lives and property in danger, as well as cause a lot of stress. The size of the problem that they cause depends on the swiftness of your response and your ability to choose the right course of action. With that in mind and without further ado, here are top six emergencies and ways to deal with them.

Overflowing toilet


The first place on this list doesn’t go to the most dangerous household emergency, but to the most recurring one – the overflowing toilet. Namely, an overflowing toilet is a problem that’s most commonly caused by a clog. To solve the problem, you first need to take the lid off the tank and push the flapper down, so that the water stops entering the bowl. Then, you need to use a plunger and hope that this will fix the issue. In most cases, this method will actually be quite effective. If not, you might have to remove the toilet and reattach it later on. Even if that is the case, the process itself isn’t that complex and it doesn’t take much time.

Broken windows


Another common problem that you might face are problems with your windows that come in various shape and forms. For instance, a drafty window might be hard for a guest to recognize, but for an inhabitant, the problem is more than obvious. Then, there’s the issue of condensation, which happens due to poor insulation of windows. What both of these problems lack is the sense of urgency since let’s face it, you can always get enough time to fix the two. A broken window, on the other hand, is something to be tended to right away. What you need to do is inspect the damage, pick up the broken glass and replace the frame. Be careful what you do with the broken window, especially if there are kids or pets present.

Broken pipes

The first thing you need to do after noticing a broken pipe is shut off the main valve. Then, you need to find professional assistance, unless you’re a commercial plumber yourself. Most importantly, not only do you need a plumber but you also need a local plumber, as well, due to the fact that time is of the essence. For instance, finding a reliable emergency plumbing Canberra service is a top priority for those who live in the Australian Capital Territory. If not tended to properly, broken pipes are a massive plumbing disaster that will cause damage to your property, as well as be a source of no small amount of stress.

Grease fire


The most common cause of a fire in the kitchen is caused by grease, but the real problem lies in the fact that people don’t really know how to handle this situation. Splashing fire with water is a logical choice, right? Well, while that might be the case with a regular fire, with grease fire this will only help splash the grease around the place, thus also spreading the fire. Instead, you need to cut off the oxygen supply to the fire with some sort of lid. If you can’t find it at that time, what you need is some baking soda in order to douse it. Due to the fact that this is a common problem, keeping both fitting lids and some baking soda at hand may be a smart step of precaution.

Power outage


Once the power is out, you need to start doing some diagnostic work. First of all, if it’s nighttime, you might want to look for a source of light. Fortunately, in 2019 all you need to do it is to produce your phone and try to find your way around the place. Then, look at the houses in the neighborhood. It should be easy to spot even from the outside if they have the electricity or not. Next, you should try and contact the power company and wait for their arrival. Once the power is back, check for any damage to appliances and be sure to check your refrigerator and freezer for any perishables that you might need to toss out.

Pest infestation


Dealing with pests indoors is problematic due to the fact that toxins and poisons spread around the place, thus putting you and your family in danger, as well. To avoid this problem, you need to look for homemade solutions made of vinegar, peppers and garlic (in case of insects) or start deploying traps (for rodents). Keep in mind that having pests around may not be hygienic, but the steps you take may make this situation even worse.

While it’s impossible for you to be ready to face any eventuality that may befall your household, just by being ready to face these six potential problems, you’ll already be in a much better spot.


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