Top Items You Need for the Ultimate Man Cave or She Shed

28 February 2019

Having your own space is gaining popluarity, men want their man caves and women want their she sheds. It makes sense, having your own space with all the things you love, that you can retreat to when you need to. Whther you have a completely separate room or place in your home dedicated to this, there are some things that you probably need.

You will probably be listening to music, or watching movies or games, so you definitely need a good home theatre setup, and speakers. Surround sound will most likely be the choice, depending on the space you have. You can buy a complete package, which would come with speakers, receiver, etc. Here is a good one from Selby Acoustics:

 If you have a smaller space, maybe just a sound bar will work. If your space is outdoors, you can still have a decent sound system, as there are completely waterproof products available. 

You most likely will need a good tv or projector, depending on your space. 

 You will probably need a good way to watch movies, so a Blu Ray player is a good idea.

Most people will want to listen to music, so a CD player and turntable are good options. Vinyl is gaining popularity.


Depending on what all you will be doing in your space, you may want to invest in some sound foam if you are playing instruments, gaming seats if you are playing video games, or just relaxing furniture for watching movies. The bottom line is you want to decorate it for functionality, as well as to fit your style. Fortunately, most equipment is now made to blend in and enhance its surroundings. So your space will not only be functioning how you want it to, but also look as good as you want it to.

Matt Thames is blogger and Brand Manager for Selby Acoustics. He enjoys sharing tips on home entertainment topics.