Top Tips To Ensure the Security of Your Home

14 August 2019

Safeguarding your home’s interior and exterior are important. You want to feel safe at home and also when you’re away. With a few smart changes and upgrades, you can deter criminal activity and keep your property safe. Use these helpful tips to protect your home’s interior and exterior. And, included are a few ways to protect your space when you’re traveling.

Protecting Your Home’s Exterior

Most break-ins occur during the daytime when people are working. You should take the help of some professionals like emergency electrician Northern Beaches to install home security devices. But, there are a few precautions you can take to make criminals think twice about approaching your property.

Find the tips below:

1. Have an alarm system installed

Look for deals on sites like Groupon or Living Social to lock in discounts. You may be able to get a deduction on home insurance with an alarm system in place.

2. Install deadbolt locks

Replace locks if it’s a new home. For enhanced security at your house prefer to install deadbolt locks on all your doors. Good quality locks will add a thick layer of security at your home.

3. Add alarm system signage to your property

Can’t afford an alarm? Then you should add fake alarm signage and stickers. It will help in keeping criminals away from your property. You can buy signage from any local store.

4. Secure all windows and doors

Make sure all windows are locked. If you open them on warmer days, add a piece of plywood in the adjoining frames so the window can’t be raised completely. Ensure all doors are securely locked and always stay locked including sliding glass doors.

Purchase only thick fabric curtains that are not translucent and not let your neighbors or burglars to see-through especially for basement windows at night.

5. Add security cameras

Overhead cameras and Nest cameras are deterrents for criminals as they don’t want to be seen on camera. Cameras also help protect package deliveries and pets. To install security cameras, call nearby electrician such as electrician Northern Beaches Sydney.

6. Trim hedges near windows or doors

Criminals look for areas where they will go unnoticed. By trimming shrubs and trees near windows and doors, they can’t hide in these spaces.

7. Add motion detector lights

These alert you if someone or something is on your property. If any unwanted person enters into your house, motion detectors will get activated and start alarming you.  In case your motion detector stops working then examine its connection properly.

If still, you are not able to fix the problem them immediately call electrician near you such as emergency electrician Northern Beaches.

8. Ask local law enforcement to search your property

They can tell you where you may have areas vulnerable to crime. This will help you in finding the most vulnerable places in your house and you can find some measure to make them secure

9. Think like you are a criminal

Stand outside of your house during day time and night as well. Now, look into your windows. Is your room is clearly visible? Are your valuables are visible? Immediately remove these from view.

10. Keep grills, lawn equipment, tools and bikes in the garage

If thieves can’t get in, they’ll steal what’s on the outside. Remove anything they can “walk away with”.

11. Build a fence and check the view

A fence can be a deterrent because “perps” can’t drive by to view your property. Trim trees that give access to second floors. Then view your property from a distance. Are there trees a thief can climb to view valuables on the second floor?

12. Get neighborly

Let your neighbors know if you will be traveling so they can look out for you. And, do the same for them. Leave extra keys with a neighbour instead of on top of the door, in a fake rock or under the mat.

13. Tip

Installing exterior lights, a fence or new locks and doors? Open a line of credit for the home upgrades. Then let your home insurer know about the added security features and request a discount.

Protecting Your Home’s Interior

Keeping your home safe from the inside can give you added peace of mind. And, it can keep criminals away.

1. Have a safe installed for valuables

Keep expensive jewelry, prized collections, and cash in a safe. And, please ensure that the safe is properly locked. Do not share code for opening the Safe with no on else.

2. Install a camera system and alarm

Viewing your property’s exterior can help you stay safe inside. You’ll know if that noise outside is a “perp” then it is neighbor’s cats.

3. Set lights to timers or use smart home apps

These can make a burglar think you’re inside if you’re out. To install smart home applications such as a timer to light, call nearby professionals such as Northern Beaches electrician.

4. Shut your drapes

At night and during the day when you’re away, keep the drapes and blinds closed. Don’t let criminals see your valuables and belongings.

5. Set your alarm to “on and at home”

This allows you to stay safe inside and the alarm will alert you if someone opens a door or window. Teach your kids how to set the alarm to avoid it accidentally going off.

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