Trend Forecast: Wallpaper Design that will Define Living Spaces in 2024

08 November 2023

Australians place enormous value on crafting effortless interiors, and the patterns and colours of wallpaper can help create the perfect ambience, breathing new life into walls, instantly uplifting the mood, setting the scene to define a style or simply making a welcoming atmosphere.

Once a major investment in a home’s look, wallpaper is now a design element that can be easily changed. Superfresco Easy’s ‘Paste the Wall’ technology allows homeowners and renters alike to install wallpaper without the need for messy pasting. Superfresco Easy wallpaper can be peeled off by hand without fear of ruining the wall beneath.

“Pattern can express the personality of the homeowner or it can be used to create a calming neutral environment for all to feel comfortable in,” Superfresco Easy trends and design expert Paula Taylor says.

“Wallpaper’s combination of pattern and colour can have intense mood-enhancing properties and bring tactility and comfort to Australian homes in 2024.”

For those new to wallpaper, Paula says creating a virtual or physical mood board of design preferences can hone the perfect look. When planning a room, especially a multi-functional one, decoration and colour can help “zone” rooms: “If you are brave enough you can go all out and colour drench to create a mood for an area or room, or you may want to blur the boundaries with the biophilia trend bringing the outside in, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.”

Defining our homes in 2024, Paula shares her key wallpaper colour and designs trend picks.

Warm and Rich Opulence

Embracing the new year, we welcome warmer richer tones into our homes. Terracotta red and rich browns emerge as the front-runners, bringing an aura of warmth and sophistication. These colours create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, turning living spaces into true sanctuaries. The brown hues of Superfresco Easy Chocolate Bronze Eternal Wallpaper combine texture and pattern to add depth and character to interior design. With touches of metallic, it’s easy to create a sense of opulence and style.

A Classic Staple Returns

The timeless appeal of white is making a remarkable comeback in 2024. Neutral tones offer a versatile canvas, providing a sense of comfort and tranquillity to allow for an effortless infusion of complementary styles. With a rich textured linen-look finish, Superfresco Easy Louis Wallpaper complements a wide range of interior styles and serves as a backdrop for self-expression and creativity in decorating.

Botanicals Bloom

In 2024, tactility takes centre stage, with textured wall coverings, ceilings and furniture becoming essential elements of design.

“Cosy knit and boucle effects stimulate the senses, creating spaces that delight in every way. Think about adding accessories to your room to create layers of interesting texture,” Paula says.

Green remains a steadfast companion in interior design, with a shift toward warmer olive hues. Greens introduce a natural and soothing ambiance, connecting us with the calming elements of the great outdoors. The Superfresco Urban Floral Wallpaper features a stunning botanical design with native wildflowers bringing walls to life with fresh pops of colour and seamlessly connecting living spaces with nature.

Texture, Wood, Lush Greenery

Next year will see a lot of realistic wallpapers that replicate wood, bricks, panels and tiles to be a significantly easier and cheaper way to achieve a look or trend in your room than going to the expense of the real thing, according to Paula. Bringing a wood effect wallpaper into a contemporary space delivers modern appeal. Superfresco Easy’s wooden slats Natural Wood Clad design adds depth and definition to walls with its architectural 3D detail.

The biophilia trend continues its reign, encouraging us to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor living. Lush green imagery and the incorporation of realistic woods bring the natural world into our homes, creating a contemporary and harmonious living environment. Superfresco Easy’s Elegant Green Palm Leaves Wallpaper, with its rainforest-inspired oversized leaf design, brings nature's calming influence on our living spaces.  Adding foliage to your room further allows you to bridge the gap between the outside and inside.

Superfresco Easy has committed to designs that stand the test of time, to help deliver on sustainability principles.

“Circular design principles emphasize the importance of reusability, repairability, and recyclability. We're minimising waste, championing longevity, and reducing our environmental footprint,” Paula says.

These wallpaper trends offer a vision of a year where comfort and style converge. Warm and inviting colours, textural richness, and a strong commitment to sustainability set the stage for an exciting year of interior design.

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