Tried and tested tips for economical home décor

29 July 2021

I love to flip through Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and IKEA magazines for hours since I love to give my home a makeover every while.  Like most Americans, my reason for my home  makeover is because every time I want a new look. The home décor radiates the personality and spirit of the people living in the house and makes the place cosier and inviting. People spend fortunes just to get a perfect interior, but unfortunately, we all cannot afford such luxuries.

Although I love to redecorate my apartment once in a while because after some time the same surroundings can get a little stale and boring my meagre savings do not allow me to hire a designer or get my furnishing for posh furniture and decorative pieces. As I have mentioned before that I love to go through all interior design magazines, blogs, articles, and transformation videos, I gathered some indispensable tips for home décor which will instantly change the appearance of your home and give it more dramatic flair without costing you an arm or leg. My practice includes the use of coupons while purchasing renovation items and I can say I save a lot of bucks every time I use them. So keep on reading to get the ultimate tips on saving for your home décor:

Stay away from expensive shops

I know these showrooms can pull you like magnets, but you have to resist the temptation. There are a variety of stores you can visit and they have an exclusive range of low-cost furniture items; from bed frames to side tables, chairs, sofas, lamps, and drapes you can get everything at much more affordable prices and in chic designs which are hard to differentiate from expensive brands. Some of the affordable stores are:

  • FAB

  • H&M Home

  • Gilt

  • Etsy

  • Dormify

  • Target

  • Amazon

Never shop without coupons

I discovered coupons just a couple of months back while getting clothes for myself. I found out that coupons can be used for every single product as well as for a variety of services too. So, while decorating my apartment, I got to use EMU coupon a lot to get things at a low price. From rugs to mantelpieces, from table lamps to bedspreads, I bought everything using coupons. Also, when I ordered a new bed, I got free shipping too using a promo code. So my suggestion to you all is to look for coupons for whatever you are up to buying and I promise you’ll save a lot.

Do not resist garage sale


If you are a student or have recently appeared in the professional world, you cannot fill your apartment with furniture from huffy puffy stores right away. However, you can get decent furniture from garage sales. Garage sale does not mean the furniture is infested with roaches and termites; some people just put out their furniture because they are moving and cannot carry their furniture with them or because they are getting new ones. You can visit the garage sale and check for yourself if the furniture is sturdy and neat. Do not hesitate to purchase old, used furniture. Once, I went to a garage sale and I was so lucky to have my hands on vintage and antique furniture that is not available everywhere. It not only looks amazing but I got it for almost half the price and I found it long-lasting too.

Embrace repurposed furniture


If the idea of used furniture makes you icky and it is a total no, no for you then the next best affordable option is repurposed furniture. These stores take up old furniture and service it to make it good as new, with trimming, painting, and polishing you can get old furniture made into entirely new incredible pieces but at a much more reasonable price range. You can take your old furniture into these stores or get the items that they have already altered in their stores, you can find every type of furniture there suitable for every type of space.

DIY the walls

select one plain wall of your room and get creative with it, Repair it if there are some cracks on the wall.     
Freshly painted walls give a refreshing look and brighten up your mood too. You can turn your place around just by your imagination; select one plain wall of your room and get creative with it. Paint it, draw on it or just simply hand another painting on it. Instead of hiring a professional, get yourself some paint buckets, paintbrushes, and mixers, and don’t forget the apron and you’re all ready to paint your walls. If you have a studio at home for YouTube podcasts, streaming room backgrounds, and others so you should also make DIY walls to look something interesting. Getting a professional painter might be expensive so to avoid this cost, you can easily do it all by yourself, and trust me, you’ll love it.

Make a picture wall 


If you are tired of a single plain wall and you have absolutely no idea what to do with it, take out your album and put up your favourite pictures.  Not only it looks great and gives a more homey feeling but it will constantly serve as a reminder of happy times whenever you look at it. You can put pictures from your trips, with family members and friends, or any nature photographs captured by yourself or your friends. If you’re feeling like being a bit unconventional, decorate this space with a certificate you might have earned. If it’s designed with a good certificate maker, this piece of document will give an aesthetic look to the picture wall.  It could be literally anything and everything. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you are still working on building up memories and don’t have enough pictures to put on a wall then put a mirror on it. You can find mirrors in every size and shape in the market nowadays. It not only decorates the wall it is placed on but also makes the room appear larger. I have placed a round mirror in my foyer; it makes my foyer look wider and I can always check myself to see if I have got any lipstick on my teeth before going out. Instead of changing the look of the whole room, a new mirror would alone be enough to add spice to it.

Final words

So this is what my general practice is while I renovate my house. Spending a lot of money while doing your house-makeover doesn't make any sense to me. Therefore, I always look for different ways to save while not making any compromise on the overall look and quality. Let us know what you think of these and if you have any tips in mind. 

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