Try Some Unique Yet Affordable Ways to Remodel your Bathroom

15 May 2019

With the daily introduction of new interior designs, you can never be too sure about the completion of designing your space. You are likely to change the feel and design of the area depending on your taste and preference. Thus, bathroom remodeling is bound to improve the bathroom’s interior following the trends in the market. Bathrooms have been among the rooms in the house that play a more significant role in determining the price of the home. Therefore, proper care and attention are supposed to be given to this space to ensure that the house fetches the best price in the market. Below are unique and affordable ways in which you can remodel your bathroom to ensure its retail price is fair enough for you.



Create A Beautiful Ambiance Using Light

Bathroom space is one of the places where you are supposed to unwind after a long hectic day. Therefore, the atmosphere in the area should be calm enough and relaxing. There is no better way to create this mood than to use proper enhanced lighting. The lighting of different rooms communicates a lot about space because the stronger the light is, the more it insists on the playing of attention to your surrounding environment. Therefore, with time, you will get to understand the advantages of using this element in the right way. A calm and relaxed setting is symbolized by moody lighting (dimmed) lighting. This explains why you may find candles being used as a replacement for harsh light in the bathroom. Thus, proper lighting would change the atmosphere in a room completely.


Change The Mood And Atmosphere Using Color  

Various rooms in a house require different colors depending on where they are located. Colors play a great deal in bringing the home to life because they have different symbols. There are rooms where you are supposed to bring out a dull feeling. Therefore, you can only use plain colors. Other rooms such as the living room are meant to be bright and welcoming, which goes well with bright colors such as yellow, red and pink. The bathroom is a neutral space that matches well with neutral colors such as grey and beige. The floor and the color of the walls should be different shades of the same color to create a comfortable atmosphere that would conform to the type of lighting that is recommended for this space. Therefore, changing the color of a particular area can be one easy way to remodel the bathroom.


Unique Rectangle Glass Shelves  

Shelves have been widely used in the home interiors and were replaced with the cabinets. However, with the introduction of glass shelves, they have gained popularity again and are used across the world because of their simple yet sophisticated finish. There are various types of glass shelves; they include the shower corner shelf and the rectangular glass shelves. The rectangular glass shelves are better known for its use in the bathroom as a replacement for the bathroom cabinets. They are advantageous because they serve as storage units for the various essentials of the shower, examples include towels. They provide easy access to the elements stored in it since they are not enclosed. This makes them suitable in situations where there is an emergency as there is no hindrance whatsoever when action is needed. The rectangular glass shelves can be placed in various positions which include above the bathroom sink and above the toilet. However, its biggest role of saving space has seen to it that it is highly recommended for bathroom with less space.  



Enhanced Shower Corner Shelf

Just like any other shelves, it has been introduced to the market because of its space saving ability. This type of rack is usually installed at the corners of a rectangular shapes bathroom. It utilizes the space by ensuring that the corner spaces are not wasted as they usually are. With the curved front surface, the shower corner shelf is best made from plexiglass because of its ability to curve. Also, it is the best glass because of its high shutter resistance. The fact that it does not shatter easily makes it the best glass for use in the bathroom, especially if it’s a shared space.  



Installing A Backsplash

Backsplashes can be defined as the protecting cover of the wall above the sink in the bathroom that reduces the chances of the wall from spoiling or getting dirty when the waste being dumped in the sink splashes to the wall. There are various types of backsplashes whose choice majorly depends on the décor in the bathroom and your taste and preference. Glass backsplashes are mostly used because of their natural cleaning ability. You can make the backsplash look better by adding an LED light to it. This creates a beautiful ambiance in the bathroom while giving the space some depth.  The color of the LED light, therefore, depends mostly on the color of the walls. They have to be contrasting to give the best output. 


Placing A Full-Length Mirror In Your Bathroom

Mirrors usage in interior design has become popular over the recent past. They have become essential to various rooms as they improve their appearance aesthetically. Apart from its original use in the bathroom, which was to serve as an observing mirror, they have been known to maintain the appearance of the bathroom space by their clean, simple look. Full-length mirrors complement the simple neutral colors in the area. Apart from that, they are known to make space to look bigger. This is facilitated by its reflective characteristic. This creates an illusion of space and at the same time lighting up the room. The positioning of the Full-length mirror should, therefore, be directly opposite the window for proper reflection of the natural light. Natural light in a room is essential as it makes the space livelier. Therefore, remodeling using Mirrors is one cheapest way as it only requires buying of a mirror and attaching it to where you feel it best fits. These are some of the simple remodeling ideas that you can consider to change the appearance of the bathroom. You should consider trying some of it to see the one that best fit for your bathroom



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