Types of air conditioners

In 2006 alone some 5.63 million air conditioners were installed in Australia, but obviously not everyone decided to install the same type of air conditioner in their home. Every home has different cooling needs, and even if one particular type of air conditioner is right for most people, it doesn't necessarily mean it's the best type for your house - or even that air conditioning is the best option.

Read the articles below to find out more about what sorts of airconditioners are available, where they're appropriate and how they work.

Wall or window mounted air conditioners

These single-unit airconditioners are slightly more noisy, but can easily be mounted in a window and don't require a separate compressor/evaporator unit.

Split system air conditioners

Split system air conditioners

Split system refrigerative air conditioners are popular because they are relatively quiet and are designed to effectively cool the sorts of areas you might find in homes.

Cassette air conditioner

Cassette air conditioners

Cassette air conditioners are ceiling mounted, and because of their considerable cooling capacity, are normally best suited to large living areas.

Ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioners

Ducted air conditioners are designed to cool entire houses. A cooling unit is typically mounted on the roof, and cool air is spread around the home through a network of ducts.