Types of bathroom fittings


Once you have the main features of your bathroom sorted out and you have a look firmly in mind, it's time to polish everything off by picking matching fittings. Taps, shower heads, towel rails, drains, soap dishes and electrical fittings will all need to coordinate to achieve a cohesive bathroom design. There are a lot of small details, but taking the time to get them right can make all the difference to the final product. Just make sure you give as much thought to how everything will work as you give to how it looks!

Types and styles of taps

Types and styles of taps

Taps can come in matching bathroom sets, but can also be mixed and matched to great effect.

How to choose a shower head

How to choose a shower head

The business end of the shower. Shower heads are often the most decorative aspect of a shower, as well as being vitally important to the shower's functionality.

Different types of shower heads

Types of shower heads

The shower head you choose will make or break your shower in terms of how nice it feels.

Towel rail

Towel rails

Towel rails come in a range of styles and fashions to suit whatever d├ęcor you've chosen for your bathroom.

Traps, drains and wastes

Traps, drains and wastes

Also called drains and plugholes, wastes are the grills through which water is drained as it leaves your bathroom. Find out what variations exist for wastes.

Soap dishes and recesses

Nobody likes to drop the soap. Ensuring that you have somewhere to put it is not complicated, but it's good to know what your options are.

Instant hot water enhancements

Using hot water enhancements can not only improve the supply of hot water to your bathroom, but also help to reduce the amount of water you waste.

Heat lamp and exhaust fan

Electrical fittings and outlets

The right electrical fittings and outlets will provide a nice complement to the rest of your design.

Types of bathroom heaters

In cooler climates, you may need a heater that heats quickly and which isn't affected by the room's humidity.

Exhaust fans

Kitchens and bathrooms can become very steamy and stuffy, and powered ventilation fans are an excellent way of providing fast, effective ventilation to these areas.