Types of bathroom heaters

Not all heaters are appropriate for use in bathrooms, but thankfully there are a few that work very well and can make your bathroom far more comfortable in in the cooler months.Having an effective heating system in your bathroom will make it far easier to drag yourself out of the shower in winter.

Radiant bar heater

Radiant bar heaters (or strip heaters) produce a lot of heat very quickly, and are ideal for areas like bathrooms, where heat is required for short amounts of time.

Hydronic heating

Hydronic heating uses heated water pumped through a network of pipes to radiators. It also works as under-floor heating.

Heat lamps

Heat lamps can be a good source of warmth for your bathroom, particularly in colder weather.

Electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating can keep your toes warm on cold mornings and keep the temperature in your house at a constant, comfortable level.