Types of central heating


Simply putting a heater where it's needed, when it's needed often isn’t enough. Not only is that an ineffective option when you think about your house as a whole, but it also has the potential to send your costs spiralling out of control as your heating needs expand. This is where central heating proves its worth.

In cold climates in particular, central heating is often the most economical and useful option. Many types of systems allow you to control where in the house heat is sent to, and if you're using the right technology, you may well save a lot of money using a sensible central heating system.

Ducted heating

Ducted heating allows warm air to be channelled through floor or ceiling vents to different parts of a house. Controlling these vents allows you to control where heat is distributed.

Hydronic heating

Hydronic heating uses heated water pumped through a network of pipes to radiators. It also works as under-floor heating.

Underfloor and slab heating

Underfloor heating is a popular heating option for dwellings that experience colder climates. Learn about the different types of underfloor heating available.