Types of door locks

The type of locks you choose for your doors will have a big impact on the security of your home. Having a good lock's very important - at the risk of sounding alarmist, many robberies and home invasions do occur as a result of an intruder being able to gain entry through a poorly secured door.

Deadbolts are recommended for all outside facing doors but these are often backed up by a simpler lock as well. Spending some time researching which locks are right for you will ensure that your home's as secure as it needs to be.

Key-in-knob and key-in-lever locks

Door knobs and door levers, especially those designed for external use, often feature a keyed lock and barrel mechanism. Find out more about these types of door locks and how they work.

Deadbolts, deadlocks or deadlatches

Deadbolts - also called deadlocks or deadlatches - are heavy duty locks that can't be rotated without a key. These locks are most commonly used on exterior doors for added security.

Keyless entry locks

As technology progresses, different varieties of keyless locks are becoming increasingly common. Find out more about the different types of keyless locks that are available, and how they work.

Door latches and chains

Latches and chains on doors are simple devices designed to fasten the door closed from one side. Door chains also allow for the door to be safely opened a bit.

Special keys

Special keys are any keys that vary from the conventional flat stripped key we're all familiar with. These can be cylindrical, magnetic, or electronically encoded for added security.