Types of electrical hardware


Fuses, switchgear and wiring

Fuses, switchgear and wiring are the main part of an electrical installation. Of course there’s more involved, but nothing happens without these essential elements. These days individual fuses are only found in older electrical installations though - they've been effectively replaced by miniature circuit breakers - MCBs for short. There is still one fuse left though; the service fuse connecting your home to the supply authority or company. That’s the one fuse you should never interfere with though!

Wiring is the backbone of an electrical installation and its quality, location and protection (including from vermin) is critically important. Personal safety and prevention of fire are the key considerations.


Built-in appliances (or fixed plant)

Fixed plant refers to appliances that are built into your house, and directly wired into your home's electrical systems rather than being plugged in at a power point. Fixed plant includes things like ovens, hot water services, and pumps such as pool pumps. 

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Types of cables

Cable types

Find out about the different sorts of cable that are used to install electrics throughout your home, and why they're used.

Fuses, circuit breakers and safety switches

Fuses, circuit breakers and safety switches all offer very different levels of protection and safety. See how they differ, and find out how to improve the safety of your electrical systems.

Heat lamp and exhaust fan

Electrical fittings and outlets

The right electrical fittings and outlets will provide a nice complement to the rest of your design.

Types of fittings, switches and cables

Learn more about the many different types of electrical fittings, switches, cables, outlets and wiring types that are used in home electrical installations.

Other fittings and appliances

There are various other electrical safety devices that are required by law in Australia, or others again which can be added to your home to provide added functionality or control.