Types of floors


When you talk about types of floors, you're talking about a few different things. For a start - what sort of subfloor or foundations the house might use.

Some houses are built using stumps, others with a solid concrete slab. The difference between these two things makes a big difference to how a house is built.

There are countless different floor coverings too - and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, both in different parts of Australia, and in different parts of a house. Carpet, for example, is great in living areas in cooler climates, but you won't often find it in kitchens where it's likely to get dirty pretty quickly.

Choosing the right types of floors is as much a matter of figuring out what's appropriate as it is deciding what looks good.

Types of subfloor

There are quite a few elements that go into holding up your lovely ceramic bathroom tiles or your polished parquet flooring. Read all about the different types of sub-floors here.

Types of floor coverings

Choosing the right floor coverings can make a big impact on the style and tone of your room - as well as how it feels underfoot, and helps to regulate your home's temperature.

Floors for different areas

Floors for different areas

Different parts of your house are used for very different purposes - and it's crucial that the floor surfaces you choose for each is right for its purpose.