Types of Kitchen Designs You Can Opt For

14 March 2019

The layout or design of the kitchen has a major role to play about the quality of time you spend in it. Whether you are building your first house kitchen or renovating your existing one, giving attention to latest designs can change your entire cooking experience. Traditionally, kitchen designs were all about a triangular layout with separations made within the work zone, sink and refrigerator area. During modern times, kitchens are no longer used only for cooking food. Rather they are used for multiple purposes.

Check out some of the evolving kitchen designs here to understand how design can help you become more efficient and functional.

 1) L-shaped kitchen design: These kitchen designs have countertops on two adjoining or perpendicular sides of the walls forming an L shape. Since this type of kitchen allows you to maximise your corner space, it is a perfect design for medium sized kitchens.

The countertops can be as long as the space available. However, it is wise to keep them shorter to maximise space efficiency. You may also add other work zones and a dining space if you have more space. It is an ideal design for multiple people working in the same kitchen as everyone can work comfortably inside an L-shaped spacious kitchen.

2) U-Shaped Kitchen design: U-shaped kitchen designs are basic and keep you surrounded on three sides. They offer lots of countertop space and space for storage. So, keeping all the utensils, gadgets and kitchen tools will be easy and accessible.

This U-shaped layout or kitchen design has two parallel countertops perpendicular to the third. This is not an ideal kitchen design for more than one person working at the same time. Space becomes small due to the U-shape and there will be no room for chairs and tables either. Adding wall units and cupboards on three sides will however make it highly beneficial for your storage items.

3) G-Shaped Kitchen: This kind of G-shaped kitchen layout is an extension of the U-shaped kitchen designs. It offers you plenty of countertop space by having cabinets on four walls. It’s even better than a U-shaped design, as it offers plenty of storage space and countertop space.

Usually, the fourth counter in this kitchen design is smaller than its parallel slab. They can be easily used as a dining space by placing a couple of chairs against it. This kind of kitchen is ideal if you want to combine your dining space right inside your kitchen zone.

4) The Galley Kitchen: This kitchen style is perfect for small spaces. It has two countertops running parallel to each other with a walkway in the middle. It offers maximum space efficiency and is an ideal choice for more than two persons working at the same time. These kitchen designs also offer sufficient storage space within a limited area.

5) Island Kitchen design: This kind of kitchen is popularly summoned as Kitchen Island.  They are useful and usually possess extra countertop in the kitchen area which can be efficiently used to keep appliances and store things. This extra countertop can also be used as a bar style dining space as well. Some of the most elegant modern kitchen designs display such a style.

Additionally, you can also use these spaces a flexible layout for entertainment, hanging out, cooking and chopping activities. This countertop is detached from the main kitchen space and can be accessed from all sides. You can design this space as per your personal requirements or preferences. This kind of highly functional kitchen design is perfect for more than one person cooking in the same kitchen.

It is not easy to choose a specific kitchen layout. Experts can come up with customised kitchen designs based on the basic layouts mentioned above to make it a perfect fit for your kitchen.

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