Types of lighting


Whether you're planning a new home or renovating an older one, a proper lighting design is critical to the overall feel of the place. A particularly important part of lighting design involves understanding how different types of light globes create different kinds of light, what fixtures work with what kinds of bulbs, and how you can use daylight to your advantage.

Before you begin a lighting design you should be aware of what you’d like to use the room for. It is tempting to ignore this part of the process and whack in halogen downlights everywhere, but in most cases there are alternatives that will save you money, cut your carbon footprint and give you a far better result.

Dimmer switch

Lighting controls and switches

Switches, dimmers and automated controls allow you to add many extra dimensions to your home's lighting design.

Daylighting options

Daylight is a crucial part of any lighting design, and when used properly can help save you money and cut the size of your carbon footprint.

Light globe types

Light globe types

Different types of globes offer different advantages in different situations. Choosing the wrong type can easily cost you much more in the long run.

Light mounting types

Different light bulb mountings are designed to work with different types of globes. Find out more about the different types..