Types of solar setups

Most people will opt to have solar panels installed on their roofs - but that's not always ideal. If your roof's not suitable, if it's already overladen or if it's unavoidably shaded there are other options, including ground-mounted solar arrays and solar power pergolas.

Roof-mounted solar arrays

Solar panels are normally installed on peoples' roofs, simply because that's the place that's likely to get the most sun. Find out more about how these systems are installed, and what factors affect roof installations.

Ground-based solar arrays

If your roof isn't big or strong enough - or doesn't get enough sunlight - it may be more practical to install solar panels on the ground instead. Learn more about how this differs from roof-based setups.

Solar power pergolas

If you have a pergola (or you're planning to build one) you might also want to consider using that roof space to collect a bit of sun precious sunlight. Read about solar power pergolas and how they're installed.

Solar windows

Another option that's likely to appear in the not-too-distant future, solar windows involve solar panel technology embedded into a building's windows. Read about where this technology currently stands.

Solar shingles

They're not particularly common, but it's possible these days to build part or all of a roof using shingles with solar photovoltaic panels built into them. Learn more about this enticing new technology.