Types of thermal insulation

Insulating's about much more than just throwing batts in all around your home. Where you insulate, how much insulation you need and what type will all be affected by what sort of home you have and where you live. Likewise, there are many different materials you can use to regulate the temperature in your home, each with its specific applications and advantages.

Find out what sorts of insulation are available, and what's likely to suit your house.

Insulation for different areas

Find out what sort of insulation is required in different parts of your home, and why. Learn more about roof, wall, under-floor, door and window insulation.

Thermal insulation materials

Many different materials can be used for insulation, including rock wool, glass wool, sheep's wool, cellulose, polystyrene and straw bales, among others. Find out how they compare in terms of performance and cost.