Types of windows


Windows are available in a wide range of configurations to suit nearly any application and personal aesthetic choice. This section details the various components of a window you need to consider in making the best window selection. Learning about the various styles, frames and glass choices will help you make a smart decision when talking to your window professional.


Glass & glazing

Well chosen window glass can help you maintain year round comfort and reduce demand on artificial heating and cooling in your home. Find glass and glazing options to suit your home.

Window frame

Window frames

Window frames such as aluminium, timber and uPVC have different advantages in energy efficiency, durability, maintenance and cost. Find the right match for your needs.

Styles of windows

Styles and types of windows

There is an incredible range of home windows available to suit nearly any function and personal aesthetic choice. Review the common window styles available.

A roll of window film

Window film

Film (also commonly known as tinting) is an effective and affordable way to keep heat out and also helps to reinforce your windows for safety.