Uncover the mystery behind the special prayer mats at Masjid-e-Nabawi.

10 October 2023

Alefmeem Prayer Mats

In an increasingly digitized world, even prayer mats have not been left untouched by technology. Masjid-e-Nabawi, the second-largest mosque in the world, has introduced prayer mats embedded with Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) chips, enhancing the worship experience for pilgrims.

According to reports from a news outlet, approximately 25,000 prayer mats have been equipped with RFID chips within the mosque. These chips contain specific information, including details about the carpet's quality, manufacturing date, usage history, and cleanliness status. The RFID chip also keeps track of the mat's location and alerts when it requires cleaning.

Jaber Ahmad Al-Wadaani, the director of the prayer area cleaning department, explained that thanks to these chips, the mosque's administration can easily identify which prayer mats need cleaning, ensuring a hassle-free experience for pilgrims.

Furthermore, these chips constantly monitor the cleaning and maintenance of the prayer mats. The mosque's dedicated workers operate around the clock to clean and maintain all the prayer mats. Notably, these technologically advanced prayer mats are manufactured locally in Saudi Arabia, as imports from countries like Germany, Belgium, and Lebanon were discontinued in 1999-2000.

These high-tech luxury prayer mat have significantly improved the convenience and efficiency of worship for pilgrims, ensuring a clean and comfortable experience. Through the use of technology, the mosque's administration is dedicated to providing pilgrims with the best possible experience during their visit.

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