Underground basement for car parking


I am going to build a new house and want to have an underground car park.

Can anyone tell me where to find companies that does it in Melbourne.

Also my budget for the underground car park is around $150K, is this a realistic amount?



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Hi Achmore,

Try our 'Get Quotes' service - that'll line you up with a few different quotes from people who can do the job in your area.


We can't really say how much that'll cost - it'll depend on a few different things, but in particular:

  • How big and complex you want your basement to be, and
  • What the soil's like on your site (i.e. how reactive it is)

The second point will decide how it needs to be built - and there's always the potential for surprises when digging starts even if you've had a geotechnical report done.

Hope this helps - let us know how you go!

The BUILD team.


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