Upcycling innovator encourages Aussies to reduce plastic waste

07 July 2022


Being actively eco-minded can be difficult, with so many micro-decisions made every day regarding ‘plastic-free or convenient’, ‘green or affordable;’… In fact, decision fatigue suggests that making many decisions over a prolonged period of time can be a significant drain on our willpower. The result? We have a harder time saying no — to things like impulse buys needing plastic shopping bags, and other tempting offers.

That’s why this Plastic Free July, Trex Company – the inventor of composite decking – is encouraging consumers to think of long-term decisions they can make to have a lasting positive impact on plastic reduction.

Trex is the world’s largest manufacturer of timber alternative deck boards and has been upcycling plastic film that would otherwise end up in landfill for nearly 30 years. Each year, the company repurposes nearly 181 million kilograms of plastic film, making it one of the world’s largest recyclers of plastic film.

“Many people want to make eco-friendly changes, but have no idea where start” says Rod Schiefelbein, Australian Market Manager at Trex. “There are many simple ways you can start your plastic-free journey, but the key to achieving true impact is through long-term commitment. It’s important we hold ourselves accountable to our eco-friendly choices, and remain consistent in the interest of the next generation.”

Here are three easy decisions with long-term results to reduce plastic consumption this July (and beyond):

  • Consider a wood-plastic composite deck, like Trex, for your outdoor space. This will ensure you save plastic from hitting landfill while also stopping trees from being felled. You can achieve a long-term sustainable result – not to mention a gorgeous outdoor living space!
  • Make in-home recycling easy, by placing lists or images on your yellow, green, red and blue bins to quickly note which items should be placed where and to limit decision-making.
  • Place fold-up small fabric shopping bags in your handbag, car or backpack. That way, if you forget your recyclable bags at home, you’ll always have one on hand and won’t need to buy the 15c ‘recyclable’ plastic bags.

It’s not just the environment that is loving Trex decking. Trex is also loved and appreciated by Aussie celebs such as Nick Cummins and Shannon Voss, for it’s eco-credibility, low-maintenance and durability.

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