Utility of Pervious Concrete Driveway

14 February 2020

Pervious concrete has become a trending topic in the land development sector these days. Most of the owners and property builders opt for these pervious concrete driveways because it serves several benefits. These concrete driveways are strong, durable and eco-friendly. Using them provides a solution to the new requirements under the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency. As these driveways are permeable, it allows the water to pass through it and get soaked in the surface. It reduces the chances of water runoff, thus, helping the natural process of keeping the balance of groundwater.

The pervious concrete driveways are made using a special concrete that is made up of cement-based material, water, admixtures and coarse aggregate. Usually, this concrete mixture involves the use of the very little or negligible amount of aggregate because extensive use of aggregate tends to make the surface impermeable. A small amount of cement is used in the form of paste for coating the aggregate. This entire setup leads to the formation of a highly permeable and string concrete surface which drains water quickly by allowing it to pass through.

Benefits of Using Pervious Concrete for the Driveways                                                                      

As mentioned above, the pervious concrete plays a major role in keeping the environment clean and risk-free. It manages the water level balance and ensures a durable life of the driveway offering a classic and aesthetic look. Apart from it, there are a few other advantages of installing these pervious concrete driveways. Some of them are mentioned below:

Lower Cost of Installation

As per the experts and professionals, installation of traditional a complete driveway required the following things, namely, curbs, piping, gutters, storm drain inlets and a proper retention basin. Only with all these installed in a proper way, the water can reach back to the ground. However, the factor of handling water run-off still stands at risk.

Compared to it, the installation of a pervious concrete driveway is two to three times more cost-effective. It is good for the environment and helps in maintaining the balance of groundwater. It eliminates the cost of installing underground piping systems and makes the process much compact and easier.

Allows the Use of the Existing Sewage System

The use of pervious concrete driveways helps in reducing the requirement of increasing the size of the existing water sewers. It is because the water automatically seeps through the surface into the ground requiring no special rebuilding of the storm sewer systems.

Leads to Increase in Land Utilization

As these concrete driveways do double the storm water management system, it requires no additional land space for the installation of the retention ponds or other such water retention and filtering units. This allows the property owners to make use of land in a more efficient way, thus, maximizing the return gained on investment.

Lowers the Cost of the Life Cycle

The pervious concrete driveways are made using a special concrete material that is sustainable. It usually owns a life expectancy which is equal to regular concrete, ranging between 20 to 40 years on average. However, it requires proper maintenance and care to keep its strength intact.

With the use of pervious concrete, the amount of water runoff from the surface gets reduces dramatically, allowing the water to return back to the aquifers. Apart from ensuring the balance of the underground water, the pervious surface of the driveway acts as a filter. It reduces the chances of soil pollution as pervious concrete driveways keep back the pollutants from seeping through. It holds back the suspended particulate matter on the surface which can be cleared off later manually from the surface.




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