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My partner and I are looking to complete our verandah with Stainless wire horizontal and a Merbau Top Rail. We are wondering what the law is now for the stainless wire fitting i.e. gap required and tension required as well as the mandatory height for handrails.


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When installing a tensioned wire balustrade on the edge of a verandah, the maximum gap should not allow a 125mm sphere to pass through.

The height needs to be a minimum of 1m on landings (such as the verandah) and 865mm on stairs and access ramps.

The tensioning of the wires is a little more complicated, as it depends on the wire diameter, lay, spacing, and distance between posts. Refer to the National Construction Code, Vol. Two, Table 'Wire Barrier Construction - Required Tension for Stainless Steel Horizontal Wires', available from:

Hope this helps with your build!

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