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Hi We are building a house and the builder has an M slab as the base inclusion. The soil report has rated the land saying it needs an H2 slab. Our builder has installed a 4c Waffle pod slab. Does anyone know what the comparable difference is between H2 and 4C waffle slab? Are we in trouble with our build or are they the same rating? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Dean Hosking

Hi Dean,

While we can't offer advice on your specific situation, we can give the following:

The building should follow the materials and construction methods outlined on the plans that have been approved by the building surveyor. The only time they can use something else is if an 'Alternative Solution' has been approved by the building inspector.

Check with the plans that have been approved. If you're still unsure, a structural engineer can provide you with advise specific to your property.

Hope this helps,

The BUILD Team


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