Water damage during construction

We are building with a project Home builder and there was a delay with the brick layer. So rather than wait until the exterior walls were in place, they carried on and we now have alll the gyprock walls and ceilings In place without exterior walls.
In mid dec 17
They put wall insulation and the green wrap around the lower floor. The upper levels have just wooden frame and then they started on the internal fittings. We are now in February and we still have no external covering on the upper floor. The bricks to the first floor went in last week.

We live in Brisbane and there as been a lot of rainfall over the last 8 weeks and we have had puddles throughout the house with rain running down the internal walls. The wall insulation on the ground floor would have been soaked. Now the bricks are in the rain runs down and is trapped in the lower floor wall.
The builder has said he will fix any damage but i think he means just surface damage. I am worried about the wall insulation . Should we insist that this is replaced?

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Kathryn Blake

Hi Kathryn,

Thanks for your question.

You have every right to be concerned and while in the short term there may not appear to be any damage, there is a distinct danger that the builder is creating an environment where mould could develop in the future. And that can be unhealthy and difficult to solve.

You should insist on meeting the builder’s building inspector/surveyor onsite to discuss the matter and ensure that the damp environment is cleaned up to your satisfaction prior to lock-up stage.

While the insulation (we assume it is synthetic) will likely dry out, look for damage to the plasterboard as when it is wet it can warp, which may not become prevalent until is it painted.

Ensure that all your communication with the builder is recorded and emailed to the company, don’t accept verbal responses.

Given the size of your investment, if you don’t feel confident in the answers you are being given, hire an independent building surveyor to inspect the scene and advise you accordingly. You have the right to do that and it will be a small additional cost in the overall scheme of things.

Hope this helps!

The BUILD team.