Water management

Fresh water's a precious resource - more so if it's drinkable, and even more so if you happen to live in one of the drier parts of Australia (which itself is the driest continent on earth after Antarctica).

Water restrictions, droughts and lack of access to a mains supply are all things that can seriously limit how much water you're able to use, but thankfully there are many different ways to make better use of the resources we have available to us. Read on to find out more about the ways you can manage and save water in your home.

Rainwater collection and storage

Instead of allowing it to run down the drain, rainwater can be collected to use on gardens. Find out more about how rainwater collection and storage can help improve your home's efficiency.

Hot water systems

Which hot water systems are most efficient?

The wrong hot water system can easily account for the lion's share of your electricity consumption. In fact, electric tank systems are being phased out. Find out how different systems compare in terms of efficiency.

Pipe lagging

Lagging and heat loss

See how lagging (insulation) and the distance that hot water has to travel through your pipes can affect energy efficiency in your hot water system.

Cold water diverter

Cold water diverters

In most plumbing setups, it takes a while for hot water to reach the hot tap when it's turned on. Cold water diverters recycle the cold water which would otherwise pour down the drain in this time.

Grey water systems

Just because water from the tap has been used, it doesn't mean it can't be used again. See how grey water systems can help reduce your water waste.