Water wisely this Spring

17 September 2020

With the temperature becoming kinder and plants sprouting new growth, Spring is the time to revitalise your garden.

Nylex product manager Alyce Rigby has shared her top tips for ensuring your outdoor area is hydrated and well maintained without wasting water this season.

Water longer, and less

Rather than watering plants every day, it’s more effective to give them a good soaking less often. But, ensure that the soil is saturated and not flooded. Nylex’s Flextreme garden hose is a good option for your watering needs.

Use self-watering planters

With one in ten Australians living in apartments, self-watering planters have become increasingly popular as they suit limited growing spaces. They encourage healthy root growth and lessen weed problems while giving more control over moisture, sunlight and temperature.

Garden kits, such as the Nylex Modular Raised Garden Kit are a great investment for balcony gardeners and renters, offering flexible design and multiple configuration settings, as well as a drip watering system and mechanical tap timers to ensure no water is wasted.

Know your soil

Different types of soil need different types of maintenance to ensure optimum plant growth. If soil becomes too dry, it will develop a crust and water will run off the surface. Use a broom handle to poke reservoirs into the soil around your plants to ensure watering reaches their roots. If your garden has a lot of clay, water will filter through slowly so a deep soak will only be needed once a week. For sandier ground, soak it twice a week. To make water simple, sprinklers can simplify the process.

Timing is everything

The best time to water plants is early in the morning at the root zone. Wet foliage, particularly overnight, can encourage fungal disease and attract insects. Try to avoid watering in the middle of the day, the hottest time of the day, as the water will evaporate before reaching the root.

Tap timers can be very useful in preventing overwatering and also helping to water at the correct time of day.


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