Wellbeing top of agenda as home owners look to bring the outside in

12 August 2020

Research has shown that our built environment has a significant effect on our overall wellbeing and, in response to that, there has been a steady increase in the use of decorative timber in our homes in recent years.

The materials that surround us are critical to our mood – more and more home owners are searching for a deeper connection to earth, nature and the great outdoors. This is where timber comes in – while some materials can look cold and hard, the warmth of timber brings a sense of nature and wellbeing into the home.

Materials and patterns mimicking nature can help achieve a sense of wellbeing, which is at the core of biophilic design. Rather than a trend, architects are incorporating biophilic design as the next standard in residential building without necessarily having outdoor spaces.

Timber brings a feeling of warmth and wellbeing to a space.

“Home owners are not only looking for sustainable design, but an all-encompassing holistic approach to style and functionality as well as health and wellness in their homes. With an increase in apartment living and smaller house footprints, we are seeing a rise in the use of decorative timbers on walls and ceilings being specified as part of the design element to enhance the living space,” says John Lorente, General Manager at Big River Group, which offers a variety of timber options.

The extensive use of Plytech Birch for interior walls, ceilings and cabinetry, provides a clean, natural look, and merges interior and exterior spaces throughout the home.

A stunning choice for a home’s cabinetry and joinery that achieves a natural aesthetic is ArmourCab, a new generation of engineered Australian decorative wood panelling. Available in Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Hoop Pine timber finishes, each with its own natural colour and markings, ArmourCab adds harmonious design and plays an important role in marrying the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Combining the stunning intimacy of native timbers with the rugged durability of a precision-engineered structural product, Armourpanel is a decorative plywood and another popular choice for residential application as it has a distinctly natural appeal.

Timber creates a clean, natural look, and merges interior and exterior spaces throughout the home

“In maintaining the natural characteristics of the selected wood species, every Armourpanel sheet offers an individual and natural look, with the species’ unique grain structures being preserved so no two sheets look alike,” John says.

The award-winning ‘Taking it to the Bank’ by JFKDESiGN Landscape|Buildings|Interiors chose all internal timber to be a variation of Big River’s Spotted Gum plywood, including window reveals, kitchen carcasses, kitchen joinery and wall panelling. The custom joinery units also act as furniture, with various items including the bookcase and concealed desk in the guest room/study.

Plywood connects spaces and adds depth and richness to the overall design.

“The plywood has been a linking feature throughout the home, connecting each expertly crafted space and adding a depth and richness to the overall design. The result is a contemporary and stylish apartment with a focus on liveability, and a home that is a pleasure to live in,” say Jackson Fitzroy-Kelly of JFKDESiGN.

Armourpanel, ArmourCab and Hoop Pine is manufactured in Australia under the Plywood Association of Australia’s third party audited quality control program and Milled from managed regrowth and plantation forest hardwoods. It is Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) certified.