What are the 3 Skills Listed For a Roofing Contractor?

11 January 2021

 Having a strong, stable, leak-free roof that can withstand the elements and keep the people and contents of a structure safe is vitally important. The top of any structure is the first line of defense against the sun's rays, pelting rain and hail, and heavy snowfall. Like TCI Manhattan Roofing NYC, an experienced roofing company can extend the life of your home or office building with a professional roof installation.

How can you decide which one is right for the roofing job with several roofing contractors in NYC? Look for these three skills listed for a roofing contractor in the advertisement of the roofing company.


Roofers must be strong and able to carry heavy roofing materials all day, every day. TCI Manhattan Roofing NYC employs strong, hardworking professionals that can do the heavy lifting involved in new roof installation.

Regardless if it's a new roof installation or the removal of an old roof followed by a new roof installation, our roofing company has the manpower and equipment needed to get the job done right.


Roofing contractors NYC must have the stamina to work long hours in various weather conditions. Our talented team of professionals has developed the stamina to work until the roofing job is done right. 

Some roofing contractors NYC might need a few days of rest in the middle of an intense roofing job, but our team has the stamina to push through and complete the job.

No Fear of Heights

The skyline in NYC is like no other globally and is easily recognizable with the tall skyscrapers reaching up into the clouds. Having no fear of heights is a must-have skill for our professional roofing team at TCI Manhattan Roofing NYC.

Short or tall, narrow or wide, angled of flat, asphalt or rubber, or any other roof feature, TCI Manhattan Roofing NYC will be honored to be your #1 roofing contractor NYC.