What are the biggest mistakes homeowners make when choosing a custom builder?

30 April 2023

As part of your research and decision-making process, there are a few traps you should try to avoid. This includes:

  • Focusing purely on price: While you want to be sure you are getting a good deal, price is not the only factor to consider. You should also be wary of any company quoting a significantly lower cost for your custom build project. This usually means they lack experience, could cut corners, or that there will be a bunch of hidden fees.

  • Picking the wrong type of builder: If you are planning a custom build, it is important that you choose an experienced custom home builder. While the shorter timelines and lower advertised price of a volume builder may be attractive, this is a distinctly different service. Volume builders also tend to struggle with custom projects and will charge a premium for any deviations from their standard plans.

  • Trusting a single recommendation: Recommendations can be extremely helpful when trying to find a custom builder. However, no matter how much you trust the person making the recommendation, you still need to do your own research. This means looking for other reviews and meeting with the builder to make sure their approach will work for you.

  • Being afraid to ask questions: Like any other major investment, it is only natural that you will have questions about your build project. And any decent custom home builder should be willing to discuss any issues or concerns with you. As such, you should not shy away from asking any questions you have – no matter how simple they may seem.

  • Not taking the time to understand the contract: Build contracts are often quite complex and confusing documents, full of legal and technical jargon. While this can make them difficult to read, it is critical you understand exactly what your contract says before you sign it. It may even be worth engaging independent legal advice to make sure you do not miss anything.

So whether you are hoping to build a French Provincial inspired home or a modern home design. It's important to choose the right builder for your dream home.

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