What to Do if You Have Electrical Trouble in Your Balmain Area

05 May 2022

 Are you experiencing electrical issues in your home? Electrical issues can happen to anyone and it can put you and your family in danger if the problem is not sorted out promptly. When there are electrical faults, the specific circuit breaker where the problem is present will immediately trip and cut off the power supply.

However, there is a reason behind it. That is when finding where the electrical problem is becoming a priority. Truth be told, you can deal with minor electrical problems. But only when you know how to do it right. Otherwise, an electrician Balmain can help.

Luckily, your local electrical experts from H4ORCE Electrical have given these seven steps on dealing with an electrical issue. These techniques can help your family from danger and your home from damage from electrical faults.

How to Find the Electrical Fault

Turn off all circuit breakers

If your house has no electrical power, while your neighbours have, the problem is not your electrical provider. Go to your switchboard to check if there is tripping on your circuit breakers. This is a natural reaction from the breakers because they can trip when it detects any kind of electrical issue as a safety precaution. Turn all the remaining breakers off.

Turn the main safety switch on

With all the circuit breakers in the off position, turn the main safety switch back on. You will see the electricity now available in your home. According to a local electrician in Balmain, power to your appliances and lighting fixture is cut off when the circuit is turned off.

Turn the circuit breaker back on


After turning the main switch back on, you can now turn each circuit breaker back on. Do this one at a time.

Find out the faulty circuit 

It is vital to turn on the circuit breaker individually to find out which does not work. The faulty circuit breaker is the one that immediately turns off right after switching it back on! There are components of this circuit that are causing the problem.

Turn off all the switches again

Once you have identified the circuit with the problem, you can turn off all the switches again. Do not attempt to DIY the circuit issue as it could lead to more problems.

Turn the electricity back on

Since you have identified the problematic series in your electrical system, you can now turn the electricity back on in the rest except for the faulty ones. First, turn the main switch on and then turn each of the functioning circuit breakers. You will now have electricity in your home and the faulty circuit will not go tripping again.

Call an emergency electrician in Balmain

With the main problem identified, and the power cut off from it, you can now call a professional electrician in Balmain to deal with the problem. Do not switch this problematic circuit breaker back on until the problem is resolved.

Keep up with Preventive Maintenance

Once your electrical problem is resolved, you need to follow a proper electrical maintenance plan to keep your electricity working safely. Be more aware of how to use your electrical appliances properly. Avoid plugging too many appliances or high energy appliances into one circuit and use GFCI for all your outlets in wet locations.

Also, you should never force an appliance to fit into an outlet if you feel some resistance. Have an electrician Balmain repair damaged cables or loose outlets? Better yet, upgrade all your outlets to a safer option with built-in surge protectors.

Finally, ensure that your electrical system is safe and working efficiently by scheduling routine professional inspections. Have an electrician check your electrical panel and wiring to identify and fix problems before they become dangerous. 

H4ORCE Electrical offers 7 years guarantee on their electrical works. It is a testament that we use only the highest quality electrical product materials from the best brands in the industry and are covered with a 12-month warranty.