What Factors Should be Kept in Mind During Livestock Transport?

28 February 2024

The process of transporting animals to a new location is more complicated than hauling goods. The main reason is that you have to be very careful about livestock safety.  

Ensuring the well-being of the animals during transit can become worrisome. In case it is your first time hauling livestock, then it is even more challenging. However, knowledge of factors that can potentially avert risk during the journey can help livestock be safe.

If you are unaware of the various safety factors to follow while transporting livestock, don't worry. In this blog, we will explore the various circumstances you must be aware of while hauling livestock.

7 Safety Factors That Make Livestock Hauling Safe

Assessing the following factors while preparing for livestock transit can help you to keep animals safe:

  • Health of Livestock: It is crucial to see if all the animals that you are planning on transporting are in good health. The journey is already uncomfortable and would be even more difficult for an ill animal. So, you should refrain from hauling any animal that is sick or pregnant.
  • Choosing the Right Vehicle: There are many types of trucks that are used in road transportation. However, each trailer serves a different purpose. So, it is essential to check that you are choosing a vehicle that is specifically made for animal hauling. The most commonly used trucks for livestock transport include semi-trailers and B double trucks. If you find purchasing a vehicle expensive, then you can go for Livestock Transport Services. Selecting professional services will free you from spending a lot of money on buying a vehicle.
  • Employing Skilled Labour: Moving the livestock from an open field to a confined trailer is not something a normal person can do. It requires skills to understand the behaviour of animals. The livestock can feel distressed while moving in a trailer, which can cause them to act aggressively. To avoid any chaotic situation, you should delegate the duty of handling animals to an expert.
  • Positioning Livestock: In a trailer, there would be a number of animals that don't have a lot of space to move around freely. This makes it important to ensure that you don't overcrowd the trailer to make things worse for them. Also, if you are transporting different animals simultaneously, creating a proper division is necessary. The reason behind creating division is that different breeds may not act friendly and harm each other.
  • Temperature Control: High or very low temperatures can adversely affect the health of animals. You can not control the external environment, but at least you can take measures to control its effect. Some ways to make livestock comfortable during the journey despite temperature levels are:
  1. Proper ventilation
  2. Devices for temperature control
  3. Soft bedding  
  4. Food and water supply
  • Hiring a Trustable Driver: Assigning a person who has skill and experience in transporting livestock is a must for meeting safety standards. For this, you can check on the experience of the driver. Although hiring a professional to drive to a location is a great step, you can do better with a GPS. A tracking system can help you stay updated on the journey's progress.
  • Handling Livestock on the Ground: After the animals arrive at the location, the next step is to ensure that they move to a new place safely. For this, you must first check that the temperature inside and outside the trailer is the same. You can match the condition inside the trailer with the outside environment with a temperature control system. Then, ensure that only professionals are present to handle the animals at the site. Finally, don't forget to feed and hydrate the livestock after a long trip.
  • Conclusion: Keeping animals physically and mentally safe can be stressful. However, considering key factors that safeguard animals during transportation can be helpful. But if you don't have the time and resources to implement all factors that ascertain livestock safety, then you can leave the work to Earle's Transport. The company provides effective solutions for farm-related hauling, whether livestock or Hay Delivery. So contact them to have hassle-free transport.
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