What Home & Garden Tools Should You Store In Your Garage?

22 November 2023

Everyone knows that a worker is only as good as their tools. But when it comes to home improvement, the choices can seem overwhelming. What’s the difference between a spade and a trowel? And is it important to have both? How many screwdrivers do you really need? 

Well worry no more. We’ve looked over all the essential home and garden improvement tools across reputable retailers like Jono & Johno in order to demystify the jargon and get down to brass tacks. Here are a few essential items that we believe every garage should have. 

Hand Tools

  • Screwdrivers – whether it is a Phillips or a flathead, a screwdriver is a nifty tool to have on hand. Most screwdrivers will fit into a standard screw but if you want to be thorough, getting a set of screwdrivers of different sizes is the best way to be prepared.

  • Adjustable wrench – an important multi tool, an adjustable wrench can prove helpful in a variety of different situations. We’d recommend getting an adjustable wrench over a set of different sized wrenches, as most bolts are similar in size and an adjustable wrench is usually all you’ll need.

  • Hammer – a classical hammer or a mallet, there are many different options for all your hammering needs but you can usually finish most jobs with a standard claw hammer. These allow you to hammer nails in and pull them out, and it’s always good to have a tool that can undo your home improvements.

Power Tools

  • Power drill – a power drill is a very versatile tool. With bits that can drill, screw, and even clean, this is an essential item for any garage. Most power drills these days are battery powered, or hybrids, making them perfect for fixing jobs on the go.

  • Chainsaw or hedge trimmer – whilst not essential, if your property has hedges or pesky vines, having one of these on hand can turn a big job into a simple fix. You can even let your creative side shine and sculpt your hedges into a feature.

Gardening tools

  • Pruning shears – for the more delicate gardening jobs, pruning shears are useful for tackling rose bushes or small shrubs or even taming a climbing plant.

  • Hand trowel – a hand trowel is essentially a handheld shovel. This handy item is useful for repotting plants or weeding a garden bed. 

  • Rake – another classic gardening tool, rakes can be used for a multitude of different gardening projects such as spreading mulch over your lawn. We’d recommend getting a metal rake if you’re looking for a simple yet versatile tool.

  • Shovel – there’s no way around it, shovels are an integral part of any handyman’s arsenal. Able to move piles of dirt or dig a hole, a shovel is an essential tool for your garage. 

Lawn Care 

  • Lawn mower – an essential part of keeping a tidy manicured lawn, is regular mowing. If you’re looking to be eco conscious, battery powered lawn mowers are gaining popularity and allow you to keep your lawn looking fresh and be savvy with your spending.

  • Hose – a simple garden hose is another must have. Useful for watering your plants, or washing your car, or maybe even cooling off in the hot summer, a hose is quintessential to any garage.


  • Torch – sometimes you need to shed a little light on the situation. Useful for getting a better look at a tough job, or helping out in a power outage, we all know just how illuminating the presence of a trusted torch can be.

  • Duct tape – an easy quick fix or an extra support for your handy project, having some duct tape handy can help with delaying a bigger job whilst also maintaining the functionality of your home.

  • Ladder – an often overlooked tool, the ladder is a good thing to have in your garage. If it’s assisting with a job or helping retrieve a stray ball or frisbee, having a ladder around can be a good luck charm. Just be sure you don’t walk underneath it! 

  • Gardening gloves – any personal protective gear is valuable but a pair of gloves is paramount. Soil can cause sickness if ingested, so having a trusty pair of gardening gloves is important for ensuring that you keep your gardening out of your nails. Gloves can also protect your hands from splinters when working with wood. 

Equipping your garage 

At the end of the day, the home and garden tools that you should keep in your garage are the ones you believe you will get the most use out of. If you pride yourself on your lawn and hedges, you may have more gardening tools. If you’re a DIY addict, you may keep more home improvement tools. And maybe you fall somewhere in between. But whatever your situation just remember that there is no ‘right' way to stock your garage.