What to Look for in Home Filtration Water System

17 December 2020

If you are health conscious and want to keep everything balanced and nutritious in your daily routine, you must be thinking about having a water treatment system installed at your own house or you may be ready to pay for buying filtered water from various shops in the market. It is always better to buy one water filter for your house rather than looking for an expensive option of buying treated water and take the pain of keeping the water container full. 

Because having your own water treatment solution at home will save you money, time, and energy of course that you will be spending on going to get some water from your busy routine. Buying a water filter is not as simple as it may seem to you. There is a huge variety of water filter options in the market with varying technology. Having these big choice options may overwhelm you while deciding to get one out of thousands. Here are some useful tips that may help you to decide what to look for while buying a water filter.

1. Size and Capacity

The first thing that you need to know is the water requirement at your house. Do you need a whole house filtration or a smaller filtration unit for use at the point of specific use like only for drinking water? If you are buying a whole house water treatment system, that means the water will be treated at the point where it enters your house’s plumbing system. That may not be necessary except you are facing problems in using hard water or a pungent smell is coming out of it. So, the size and capacity of filtration will decide which filter you need.

2. Type of Filtration

There is a huge variety of filters with varying technology and contaminant removal functionality. Few filters are capable of removing more than 50 contaminants, some can remove 40, and others only 25. To know which filter will suit your need and water quality type, grab a water sample from your tap and get it tested from an accredited lab to know which chemical or biological contaminant needs to be out of water for healthier use.

3. Cost

It is an obvious factor that may affect your choice of water filter for your home. A bigger filtration unit with a higher capacity and filtration rate may cost you higher than a smaller filtration unit. In the same way, if the water treatment system consists of more processing units, the cost will also go higher. Therefore, try to choose the one which suits both your water quality parameters and budget. You may get the best quality water filters of various kinds at at reasonable prices.

4. Low Maintenance

It is important to clean the inside and back of your water filter system to prevent minerals, contaminants, or dirt from building up in the filter. Try not to use harsh cleaning products and gently clean the system with warm water. You do not want to add harmful toxins to your system that can be mixed with you and your family's drinking water. Be sure to clean all aspects of the system, once a week. When cleaning your water filter, including the water dispenser, line, and cap assembly, make sure you clean various parts of the system.