What is plumbing?


Plumbing involves more than you might think - and not all plumbers are qualified for all different jobs. Find out more about what plumbers actually do, why it's important to use a plumber, what kind of work plumbing involves and what's involved as far as plumbing's concerned for new homes and renovation projects.

What do plumbers do?

Everyone knows plumbers work with pipes - but most people don't realise just how many pipes there are hidden around their houses, and how important their functions are to so many things.

How to hire a plumber

Depending on the work you need done, you may need to give a little thought to who's going to do plumbing or gasfitting work in your home. Read our guide on how to choose the right plumber.

What does plumbing involve?

Plumbing is much more than just fixing leaky taps. Find out what sorts of things plumbing involves, and what aspects of your home require a plumber.

How is plumbing installed in houses?

Find out what steps are required to install the plumbing in your home - from the design stage all the way through to testing and compliance certificates.