What is a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection?

21 September 2021

Searching for a home to buy is an exciting adventure that we all love, albeit an exhausting one, both mentally and physically. The house you select needs to be within your budget, needs to be in the right area, should be able to satisfy all the requirements that you have in mind and should capture your attention and help you to imagine yourself and your family living there, comfortably and happily.


One thing to remember though is that you can never tell how good a house is just by looking at it, because there can be so many hidden defects in a house which you will not notice simply through a visual inspection. For this you will need a professional home inspection in Sydney, carried out by a certified inspector with years of experience. These professionals can detect any issues and defects easily and they do a very thorough inspection of the property in order to give a comprehensive report.


When carrying out a building inspection in Sydney, what will these inspectors check?

-          Any structural issues of the house or property.

-          Check if there are any necessary repairs.

-          Check for fire hazards such as carrying out smoke alarm tests, and checking for any faulty electrical wiring.

-          Issues on the interior and exterior of the home or building.

-          Potential hazards that may arise from the driveway, the roof, bathrooms, kitchen etc. 

-          Look for unsafe spaces of your home which might contain asbestos in the walls.

-          Check if the home or building is made of any other toxic materials.

-          Check for any plumbing issues.

-          Any issues with HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

-          Check for rotting timber and any other issues.


These building and home inspections in Sydney are conducted by certified inspectors who are professional builders or who have experience in the industry, and who have been thoroughly trained in accordance with the Australian Inspection Standards. They have the experience and the knowledge to detect even hidden defects in a house or building and to inform you of their severity and what options you have, and certainly whether it is worthwhile investing in that property. On certain occasions, issues that may seem small or minor may cause severe safety problems in the future, and these inspectors will be able to give you a proper report on these, so that you are well informed before making that important decision of whether to buy or not.


What are the benefits of carrying out a professional pre-purchase home or building inspection in Sydney?

-          Well informed decision – By carrying out a home or building inspection you are well aware of the current and actual situation when it comes to the property, and of what to expect if you purchase it. So, you won’t have any nasty surprises in time to come.

-          Gives you negotiating power – Knowing the ins and outs of the building or property, and knowing what defects it has, whether visible or hidden, gives you bargaining power, and you can negotiate the price of the property, if you are really interested to have it, taking all these into consideration.

-          Peace of mind – Since every area of the building and property will be checked and inspected during such as inspection, you can have peace of mind when making your decision whether to buy it or not.

-          Identify damp areas – If the foundations were not initially done properly, it can cause dampness to seep in especially in wet areas causing a problem for you in the future. All these too, including the foundation of the building, will be checked during an inspection such as this.

-          Seller’s Clause – Certain structural issues or problems with plumbing or wiring should be attended to by the seller as they can be quite expensive at times, and you can add a clause in the contract where the seller agrees to rectify these issues before any money changes hands.


As you can see, carrying out a building or home inspection in Sydney prior to purchase is very important, because you are investing a lot of money to own property and you need to ensure that it is safe and worthwhile. You don’t want to be hassled with major repairs and defect rectification, at your own cost, and lose your peace of mind over such matters. A small investment to get an inspection done will be well worth the cost, since it can potentially save you thousands of dollars in the future.