What Tools are Needed to Lay Bricks?

12 March 2021

Every bricklayer needs useful quality tools for laying bricks, tools that will stand the test of time.

Bricklayers rely on their tools, and they are like there bread on butter, so to say, with no means, they cant lay bricks, so a bricklayer knows that the devices are essential.

Bricklayers spend a lot of money on tools as they need to rely on them. They may cost more money, but it is worthwhile in the long run. Here is a selection of tools that a bricklayer needs for laying bricks.

Brick Trowel

They are used for spreading mortar and laying bricks or blocks and stone. The bricklayer's trowel stays in the bricklayer's hand all day and is the most used bricklayers tool.

Pointing Trowel

It is used to strike the mortar joint and used in restoration to fill in the void or repointing.

Spirit Level

Used for building corners and making sure the brickwork or blockwork is plumb and level.

Lump Hammer

The lump hammer is used for hitting almost anything. The lump hammer is used for hitting chisels and also demoliion.

Brick Hammer

Used by a bricklayer to chip bricks or trim bricks to size, a good bricklayer can cut brick with one hit of the brick hammer as a quick way to cut bricks.

Scutch hammer

the scutch hammer is used to remove and shape masonry after cutting bricks by bolster, for greater accuracy.


The bolster is used for cutting bricks and blocks and knocking off old mortar or cleaning old brickwork, mainly used in restoration work.

Tape Measure

They are used for measuring the length of walls and marking the gauge of brick and block courses.

Line Pins

They are used for pinning a line to brick or blockwork and used with bricklayers line.

Corner Blocks

They are used for attaching to a corner or profile and used with bricklayers line.

Bricklayers Line

bricklayers line is used to build masonry straight and accurately and also as a guide to work to.

Bricklayers brush

Good quality bricklayers brush needed for brushing down masonry to remove snots and smears, and it is also used for cleaning tools.

Bricklayers Profiles

Bricklayers profiles are corner posts made from aluminium or steel and used to attach corner blocks and line to run in brick and block.

Cement mixer

The cement mixer is used for mixing mortar and cement; usually, a sand and cement mixture is mixed and used by the bricklayer to build the masonry.