Who 'installs' smart homes?

Custom installer  
A custom installer can help to plan and project manage the installation of your connected home system.

Creating smart homes involves complex planning, and installations which often draw on many different disciplines and specialty trades. Smart homes being built from scratch require careful consideration and consultation as early in the design phase as possible. Retrofitted smart home systems may require serious renovation work to install the necessary cabling and infrastructure to support the sorts of functionality you want - all of which can be costly, especially if it's not done right the first time around. So who should you talk to about building a smart home?


The role of custom installers

A custom installer is someone who's qualified and trained to understand and interpret your needs. They will advise on the sorts of solutions that are likely to fulfil them, and design a system that fits the brief specifically for your home.

Choosing a custom installer who is a member of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) ensures that they have an excellent understanding of the available technologies, and their capabilities, advantages, limitations and shortcomings. Likewise, it gives you an assurance that they work to a high standard and that they're trained first and foremost to work to your expectations.



Project management

Smart home installations may involve 10 or 20 seperate components being installed in a home, many of which need to be integrated to ensure that they work well together. Custom installers understand the work that's required - not just for the installation of audio and video equipment, but also for Smart Wiring, energy management systems, security systems, climate control (HVAC) systems, electrics and lighting, acoustic treatments and window installation (among many other things). This sort of work may include draftspeople, electricians, carpenters, plasterers, licensed refrigeration specialists, glaziers and many others.

The custom installer acts as your single point of contact and coordinates the project, calling in experienced, qualified tradespeople to carry out all of the necessary work.

Choosing a properly qualified, suitably experienced custom installer who listens, who understands your needs and who knows how to carefully fulfill them is the first and most crucial part of any smart home installation.