Why is DIY electricity repairs a dangerous idea?

18 October 2018

Many homeowners would like to think of themselves as ‘ Do it Yourselfers’, doing different projects and repair work at home. While DIY projects can be a great way to improve the value of your home and save money. But with specific projects like electrical work, it is best to hire a professional for a safe and guaranteed repair.

Do it yourself electrical work is different from any ordinary job of painting or flooring. Electricity should never be taken lightly, and there are risks that you might get an electric shock.  Combining amateurism with cavalier attitude can be a dangerous job. With that said here are some reasons for going with a professional electrician.

Electric repair can be dangerous

The danger is possibly the most important reason why you shouldn't be going for DIY electrical maintenance. While it's no big issue replacing the lights and bulbs at your house, other electrical jobs might not be an easy thing. It is outrightly dangerous and shoddy work can result in accidental electrocution of yourself and others within your home. Simply, it’s not worth saving little money when you could be alive. Moreover, electric shocks are one of the leading causes of on-the-job death among professional electricians, even though they have proper equipment and training. You as an amateur trying to do the job all by yourself poses an even higher risk.

Fire Risk

A serious consequence of improperly done electrical work is fire. A fire can lead to the devastation of homes and buildings and could cause property loss worth millions. The major reason behind home fires are faulty electronics; therefore it’s not worth it to leave the electrical work to new and inexperienced repairs. Go for an electrician at eastern suburbs  who are licensed and trained to execute the job correctly.

Damage to property

The chances of causing damage to your home go up when you attempt to fix something you are not trained at. Working with certain electrical appliances and wiring involves the risk of frying and even melting the wires behind the walls. It is also true when you choose the wrong size of circuits and cables for your home. A cheap fix or lousy job could cause massive damage to your property.

It is expensive

Untrained and unskilled electrical repair work has a high degree of premature failure, shorting or lead to costly repairs later on. Unless you have the proper skill and training, it is not advisable to take up electrical job all by yourself. At the end of all the work you have done if something goes wrong, then you will end up spending a lot. And when you can get 24 x 7 electrician why to take all the pain all by yourself.

You end up affecting your insurance

In the case of tragedy, the homeowner policy is nullified if an amateur or untrained electrician did the cause of a fire or damage. Work done by uncertified workers even create problems while selling your home. All of your electrical work is inspected and checked whether they conform to the building codes. So it’s best to hire licensed professional electricians who will ensure you meet all the legal needs and won’t be held responsible for accidents.

Having said all that if you are still thinking of saving tonnes of money doing electrical work yourself, keep in mind that the loss of a loved one or home comes at a higher cost.

It’s not really worth taking the potential risks if the things that you do go wrong. These things will guide you in making the right decision which is calling the electrician for all your electrical repairs.