Why is a Pool Safety Inspection Necessary in Sydney?

21 September 2021

Buying a home is an exciting venture forward in your life, and it is even more thrilling for the family, especially if you have children, when you are buying a home with a swimming pool. A swimming pool is a great place to enjoy family time together or even enjoy some time out with friends with a nice summer bar-be-que or party. In addition, it is a great way to relax and unwind after a hard days’ work, and also provides a fantastic means by which to exercise on a regular basis.


Whether you are trying to sell or rent a property with a pool, or are trying to buy one, there is one thing you need to remember, that is to ensure that you have a compliance certification for it issued by certified inspectors who carry out pool safety inspections in Sydney.


Safety regulations can change according to the area your property is located in, and it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their swimming pool adheres to all safety and council regulations set out for that specific area. Even if you are looking to buy a property with a pool, with this certification you are assured that you have one that conforms to all regulations, otherwise the responsibility of getting it done up according to regulations will fall on you, the buyer, at your expense. A seller can even sell a property without having a compliance certificate, however would you want to spend additionally on getting the pool prepared so that it does? It would simply be an added expense for you, and the better option would be to ensure that the seller has got the required certification before you buy it.


A pool inspector is different from a home inspector and a pool inspection in Sydney should be carried out by a professional inspector certified in that relevant area. This equipment can be very complex and a regular home inspector will not have the right expertise to conduct such a specialised inspection, hence you need a specifically qualified person to do a proper inspection for you. In addition, getting it done by someone who is not qualified to do it, will put you at risk, because an inspector’s report can have a clause that indemnifies them from any issues that could occur at any time. Hence getting the right person to do the inspection is very important.


How is a pool safety inspection in Sydney carried out?

-          The inspector will walk around and look for any issues concerned with the deck, the coping and the mastic that connects the two together.

-          They will check for safety issues, for example if the fencing is secure and if the gate latches properly.

-          Inspection of the pool liner and foundation for cracks, damages, leaks.

-          Inspect hardware, such as lights, ladders, handrails etc, to check if they are properly installed and have no damages or breakages that could cause a safety risk.

-          Inspect all equipment like filters, heaters, plumbing etc.


If you have a pool in your home, it may be required that you get regular inspections done as well, and that your certification is updated regularly. It is recommended that you get a professional inspection done at least every year. Such inspections will ensure that:

-          You are using the right chemicals and the correct amounts of each to ensure that your pool is kept clean at all times. Too much or too little of the chemicals can cause discolouration of the water as well as being harmful to the users.

-          Ensures that your equipment, such as filtration systems etc, are in good working order, and are able to keep the water clean of harmful bacteria and other germs. This also ensures that regular maintenance and servicing of equipment is done.

-          Ensures safety for all users with properly working and well-maintained fencing and gates.


Pool Safety Inspections in Sydney can be carried out by many institutions that are properly certified to conduct these, and who have proper experienced, professional inspectors in their employment. Before you buy your new house with a pool to be enjoyed by your entire family, make sure that it complies with the right council and safety regulations and that you are provided with a compliance certificate.