Why Should You Paint Your Home With Eco-Friendly Paints?

06 August 2020

Residential Painters Sydney

One of the most buzzed terms of this current millennium is ‘eco-friendly lifestyle’. From our ways to build our homes to the fuel we use in our vehicles, we’ve come to realise the importance of looking after the environment as much as we can, in every aspect of our life.

For our comfort and smooth living, we have been treating our environment roughly for years. And finally, it has started to take the revenge on us. The truth is that the environment is not invincible, and the way we live and the things we do can influence its wellbeing and, by extension, our own.

As the environment is getting more weary of our excessive usage and pressure on natural resources, people are turning to eco-friendly products as much as they can to save the environment.

Eco-friendly Material in Construction

As the population of the world is growing rapidly, we need more and more shelters for this growing population. The ecology can be restored to a great extent if we use sustainable, eco-friendly materials for our construction works, from foundation to the paint.

Sydney based Dulux Accredited Painters and colour consultants suggest that certain types of paint can contain different kinds of chemicals and that can actually be very harmful to the environment and to ourselves.

If you are painting your home, we would recommend that you choose an eco-friendly paint for the following reasons:

Water Based

Being water based, paint of this kind is easier to break down than alternative products. With the majority of its ingredients being biodegradable and less harmful chemical, the paint is going to do significantly less damage to the environment down the track.

Obviously, this is the defining feature of natural paint, but some people don’t realise the other advantages associated with it.

More Efficient

Initially, these kinds of paints were not necessarily very practical, and chemical alternatives were seen to be the way to go if you wanted the best paint job you could possibly get. Ultimately, you were paying for the eco-friendly nature of these paints, rather than the quality of them.

However, recent technological advancements mean that they are actually more efficient to use – they require less coats and provide more coverage than their chemical counterparts. In short, they are arguably preferable from the perspective of quality.

Eco-friendly Production

As well as the paint itself being better for the environment, the way that it is manufactured is also environment friendly. Chemical based paint omits harmful fumes into the air in their production, and the level of toxic waste that is produced as a result is relatively high.

There are far fewer byproducts produced in the manufacturing of water based paints, making them much more eco -friendly.

Not Toxic

Last and possibly most importantly, natural paints do not contain the same toxic chemicals as other products, which means that they have much less of an adverse effect on people’s health.

Traditionally, it has been seen to be dangerous to inhale paint fumes excessively, however, because water based paints are free of benzene, naphthalene and other harmful chemicals, they do not have the same effect and are completely safe.

There you have it, from production to marketing to getting dissolved into the environment after finishing a full life-cycle, more reasons to switch to less chemical, more sustainable painting options for your old home’s renovation or for an entirely new project.

Emma Sneddon, a freelance writer and an independent blogger. I'm enthusiastic about anything related to trend, tech and minimalistic lifestyle. I mostly write about sustainable and alternative living solutions. I am making my way through it with my massive amounts of coffee.