Why should you switch to Metal Roofing?

29 May 2019

The last time you called experts for Roof Restoration services, they told you to transfer the tile roofs to the metal roofing section. You need to know why before you actually take this decision. Going for the basic or advanced Roof Restoration services is something, and actually changing the entire roof to a different roofing material is a completely different ballgame altogether. Therefore, it is really important to know why you might want to switch in to metal roofing to avoid Roof Restoration or the roof repairs.

How metal roofs are better than the rest?

These roofs are easy to maintain with less Roof Restoration services needed. It is true that metal roofs will reflect the sun and can reduce the amount of heat, as penetrating the home. Reflective roof is perfect for reducing peak cooling by around 10 to 15%. It means that the cooling system of the home will need less energy during summer months to cool down the house.

  • There are some metallic roofs available, which can always save around 25% in the energy costs, when compared to the dark grey shingled roof.
  • The metal’s reflectivity reduces heat gain as experienced in some of the other roofing materials. Even the tiles and slate will have greater heat gain. So, the heat gain for the asphalt shingles goes through roof in the most literal sense.

The basic advantages to follow:

If you think that reflectivity is the only reason to transform your thoughts towards metal roof, then you better think twice. If you search online, you will come across multiple advantages, which make shifting to metal roof a clear winning idea among the lot. So, let’s just dive right into the details.

  • If you want the roofs to last for a longer period of time, say 40 to 70 years, then nothing can beat the importance of metal roofs, to say the least.
  • Safety is another noteworthy reason to shift towards metallic roofs. These roofs will not ignore spark and flames during wildfire or when strike lightning.
  • Durability happens to be another cool reason to shift towards metal roofs. These roofs can easily sustain harsh wind for up to 140 miles per hour. Even during this crucial scenario, the roofs will not crack or corrode and may be impact resistant.
  • Moreover, you will be amazed to know that metal roofs do not need periodic costly maintenance, like the other roofing materials. If you want, you can inspect the roof once in every year just for the sake of maintaining its longevity.

Ask pros for replacements:

If you have roofs made of other materials apart from metal and want to replace it, then you better call pros for the help. They have already replaced multiple roofs to metallic ones and might be able to help you big time. Just be sure to check if they are certified enough to work on this service.


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